I am a google apps subscriber who is trying to migrate to zimbra. I had originally been on an exchange server which had a relatively extensive folder/subfolder structure in which I filed email (good 250-300 folders/sub-folders). Having transitioned to google apps, hundreds of tags were created that represent the folder locations from exchange (ie. Baseball/Teams/Mets). After a few weeks of use, it is evident strictly using tags does not work for me, and as such the move to a zimbra host. The difficulty at this point is how to import/recreate the folder structure in Zimbra I had back on exchange? It seems that I have complicated things by first migrating to google apps and now going to Zimbra. ZImbra does not seem to interpret the google labels as their imap folder equivalents that I see in my desktop client (thunderbird). I've been told that imap sync does not support "bad" characters like "/" or spaces, etc. Am I in trouble, is there no easy solution? The support team I've been working with at the provider is very helpful, but has not come up with a solution at this point, so I thought I'd go back to the source. Any help would be most appreciated. I cut over to google apps three weeks ago, and I cringe to see new email stacking up in my inbox each day I can't migrate fully to Zimbra.

Thank you in advance for any help.