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Thread: [SOLVED] Sendmail and Zimbra question

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    Default [SOLVED] Sendmail and Zimbra question

    Currently I am using a sendmail pop3 server for email. We have setup a zimbra server and are planning on migrating to it. Right now the sendmail server is setup as and the zimbra server is setup to receive mail for The zimbra server is able to receive and send email externally but when I send an email from my sendmail server it gets returned.

    It says: Host unknown (Name server: host not found).

    Also when I try sending from the zimbra server to the sendmail server it gets returned saying:

    Host or domain name not found. Name service
    error for type=A: Host found but no data record of
    requested type

    All of the entries are made in the dns server. Am I missing something in the configuration? Thanks.

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    I know you say you've got all of the entries in your DNS server, but this sure sounds like a DNS issue to me. Does your sendmail server use a different DNS server; maybe a Split DNS setup or something like that?

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    Thanks, I just figured it out. On the sendmail server, I added the .com domain to the domain routing (mailertable) configuration. This enabled me to send from .net to .com. Then on the zimbra server i disabled dns lookups and also entered the sendmail server as my relay server. Thanks.

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    Default not working for me...

    We have a different setup, however the last entry for this post seemed to be what would solve a similar mta response in our logs as noted earlier in the post. After disabling dns lookups on our zimbra server, adding the relay to our sendmail system, and rebuilding the mailertable on our external sendmail server ----- mail loops whenever trying to send to this new zimbra server.

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