We're setting up a Zimbra solution for our new mail server and are switching over from a hosted pop account solution. We are running Network Edition 5.0.5-64bit and are required by HR to populate a shared address book with all of our users. This is not exactly a giant undertaking being that we only have about 200 users, but is still problematic in that we need to include some fields that don't seem to be available in Zimbra. We downloaded a template for the .csv file that gives us all of our field names that we can import and the problem is the "Department" field. It exists in the template and imports with no hangups. We are also able to search in the shared address book for contacts based on the department and it pulls up the correct contacts that are in that department so it seems that the info is in Zimbra somewhere. However, there is no "Department" field for a contact within the web UI and when you sync to Outlook using the Outlook Connector, the "Department" field is not pulled down to the Outlook contact. Anyone have any ideas? We saw that 5.0.6 is available. Is upgrading an option that might address our issue or is there any option that we're missing to display that "Department" field? Also, does anyone know if Zimbra supports any customization of contact information for contacts....such as creating other fields like a "Manager" field that would let us know who the contact's manager is? Thanks in advance and any advice would be appreciated!