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Thread: Going The Other Way: Network Edition To FOSS

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    Default Going The Other Way: Network Edition To FOSS

    Has anyone documented the process of migrating from Network Edition to the FOSS version?

    I have a network edition license which expires in about six months, and might not have the funding to continue the "full" version, and am trying to figure out what the best strategy is for moving from one to the other.

    Anyone done this?

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    Sorry you have to loose all the excellent NE features - but it's pretty simple.
    Run a zmbackup & take a copy of your /opt/zimbra (and any other linked directories) for good measure.
    Download the exact same FOSS ZCS version that you're currently using for NE, un-tar, and run ./ to convert.

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    Sorry, I just realized that my response didn't address the OP's question at all.
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