I'm have installed Zimbra Network Edition 5.07 GA and used a temporary domain test.domain.com to set it up.

Once that was done, I added all the users/aliases/distribution lists from the production system to zimbra and tested sending mail to and from it. That worked successfully, so I decided to rename the domain and set the servername using the zmsetservername command to get the system ready for production.

After I did that, I was not able to startup LDAP, so I decided to revert the changes back to the test.domain.com mail domain. After reverting back to the original configuration, logged into the Zimbra Admin and it is showing both domains (proddomain.com and test.domain.com) in the configuration and they are both locked. This is the message that is posted on the screen:

The domain is temporarily locked by the server. You will not be able to make any changes to the domain until the internal lock is removed.

My main objective is to make sure that all users/aliases/lists are changed to proddomain.com, so it will accept mail for user@proddomain.com, however, I am at a stand still with this internal domain lock.

Please advise on next steps.

Thank you,