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Thread: 5 Different Migration Questions

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    Default 5 Different Migration Questions

    Hi folks,

    I am looking at possibly implementing Zimbra for my small home-office network. and I am hoping/would be grateful if the colllective were able to help me out by answering the following questions please.

    I have only the one Linux server (P4-2.6Ghz, 2GB RAM), which presently serves as PDC, DNS, DHCP, File Server, Mail Server, public Web Server and Gateway.

    1. I've read a number of threads on the T'Bird/Lightning situation. As of July 08, is this pretty much solved? I guess I'm asking about both the alarms popup, the deleting/modifying events and deleting/modifying tasks issues.

    2. Does the T'Bird/lightning combo work for meeting invites, etc?

    3. I need to maintain about 7 different email domains and have the users log in to each domain with separate accounts. But Calendaring, etc. only needs to work with one domain. Can Zimbra deal with this?

    4. As mentioned, the machine already serves as a public web server. Does Zimbra want to take control of the web server, or can I still modify httpd.conf to serve up various other virtual hosts?

    5. I already run Postfix/Dovecot/amavisd-new/Clamav/Spamassassin. Obviously I expect Zimbra to take over/replace these in one form or other. But do I have a choice what it uses, or does it all just come in one big package?

    Hope to hear back. Many thanks in advance.

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    I'll try to help with what I can.

    3. You can enable and disable specific features on a per user basis. You can also create Classes which you can have groups of members belong to, and restrict access to features via that method. So yes you can restrict access to Calendaring as needed.

    4. Generally speaking most recommendations I've seen are to let Zimbra install itself on a machine which currently does not already have apache, postfix, etc installed on it. It may be possible to install it on a machine that's being used as a webserver with some reconfiguration.

    5. I'm not sure on this one. I think that the versions of those programs that Zimbra uses are the ones that it specifically installs within it's directory structure.

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    Thanks for the help offered?

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    I'll take a stab, but my answers come with no guarantees But first, the server you mention is probably a little 'light' for zimbra. Sure you have only 7 people, but loading up the java stuff (plus mysql and amavisd) can take a bit of RAM, I'd increase that, and you dont' mention the disk subsystem...

    1) Not sure about this being "all resolved", but I have a user who is using this combo (Tbird/Lightning/Zindus) and I've had no complaints so far (he says all is fine, except for reserving Resources/Conf rooms, as there is no "Location" or Resource" in scheduling meetings). The alarms do work as I recall, but I believe Tasks are not mirrored/synced to Zimbra

    2) Believe it does, yes (see previous)

    3) already answered

    4) already answered... believe you can do it, but takes some work/manipulation, depends on your skill/knowledge

    5) Hmm... zimbra uses/tests/wants the versions that it has, plus they've got this stuff using LDAP. You can disable portions of it through the Admin interface... e.g. you could turn off spamassassin/amavisd on Zimbra, but then you'd still have some work to do. _PERHAPS_ you could dual-IP your server, have your postfix/amavisd/sa run, and then forward to 2nd IP address on server where Zimbra is listening.... I think. But then again, maybe not (as Zimbra might be listening on localhost as well). Hopefully someone will chime in definitively here. But think of it this way... they (Zimbra) do all these nice things by including them. Yes, you lose a little control, but it removes a couple of headaches (IMO).

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