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Thread: Missing folders

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    its the original problem that u discribed.

    all folder listing is missing. and can be view on standart version.

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    Default How I fixed missing shared email folders - specifically the Inbox share

    Several times a folder from a shared email account has gone missing / disappeared.

    In my case, the entire email account ("") is shared to the account "" using the following commands:
    /opt/zimbra/bin/zmmailbox -z -m mfg / account rwixda
    /opt/zimbra/bin/zmmailbox -z -m cm --view message -F# "/Uniforms" /

    All works well, but after some time the shared Inbox disappears, but they can still see the Sent and other folders...

    Deleting the share and doing the process again failed to make the Inbox reappear.

    Here's how I got it to re-appear:
    NOTE: only attempt this on a shared account you've accepted that has a missing folder because we delete that accepted share.
    1. Log in as asmith, right-click on the uniforms folder / share and delete it. Log out.
    2. Log in as uniforms (or view uniform's mail from an admin login)
    3. Right-click on the Inbox folder and select 'share', and share it to asmith (sending the email invite). Log out.
    4. Log in as asmith and accept Uniform's Inbox share. The Inbox folder should appear.
    5. Right-click on Uniform's Inbox and delete it (yes - you just accepted it, but now delete it).
    6. Use linux to re-establish the uniforms share in asmiths account:

    /opt/zimbra/bin/zmmailbox -z -m mfg / account rwixda
    /opt/zimbra/bin/zmmailbox -z -m cm --view message -F# "/Uniforms" /

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