I'm testing Zimbra in our enterprise ahead of purchasing the product and moving off of an aging Exchange server.

Server Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, Zimbra 5.0 (evaluation license)

On the Admin console, the links on the downloads page all point to "undefined". There are no tools there to download.

Linking directly to https://192.xx.xx.xx:7071/zimbra/downloads/index.html gets me a blank page. (that's the address of my lab Zimbra server, obviously). No html or server errors, just a blank page.

Digging through the file structure of the Zimbra server itself led me to a MigrationWizard.exe that I moved onto one of my Windoze servers and executed; it's a liquid mail migration tool that does not match what's in the documentation. Also, it won't authenticate (doesn't have the option for SSL connexion I think is the problem).

I'm stuck guys. I need to test this functionality, but I don't have the tool. Is there a place I can download it directly from Zimbra? This would help!