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Thread: Migration wizard cant apply to profile

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    Default Migration wizard cant apply to profile

    In our company, we enountered a problem with migrating pst files using the import wizard. In one location the migration works fine. In an other location users are getting an error in protocol which says "unable to logon to profile" (Anmeldung am Profil nicht möglich).

    Any ideas what can cause this error report?
    Port 443 is open and they dont have a proxy in use.

    Edit: The Error message caused by the SSL certificate appears, so i assume that the connection works properly.
    Is it possible that something with the profiles is wrong? the users can login into the zimbra web interface without any problem.
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    Ive tested an import from our location and it worked. Are there other ports which need to be open than 443? What else can the error message with the profile mean?

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    I was very frustrated with this also. Try deleting all your existing outlook profiles. That is what did it for me. :-)

    Its probably too late, but this might help others.

    -Cheers, Peter.

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