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Thread: more imapsync troubles

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    Default more imapsync troubles

    I am close to getting imapsync to work, but keep getting this error:
    parse error: invalid date format
    when running imapsync, here is the command I am running
    HTML Code:
    imapsync --host1 --user1 --password1 apples --host2 --user2 --password2 apples --folder 'INBOX/test' --debug --sep1 '.'
    Also in the debug, it spits out:
    F message content end previous line
    internal date from 1: ["04-Sep-2008 15:09:48 GMT"]
    flags from : [\Seen][]

    I have looked at the imapsync options and cannot find anything obvious.
    Any help/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Yes

    Yes I did see that forum post, and tried editing the file:
    but could not find UnixDate anywhere in the file.

    Also I noticed they were running imapsync v1.223
    I am running imapsync v1.99, I would think that many versions, that problem would have been fixed.

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