Dear all, I'm having issues with Zimbra migrations that I'm hoping you may be able to help with. Unfortunately our mail admin is out of the country at the moment, but I'll do my best to report everything as fully as I can.

I've migrated a fair few people from our Exchange server (running on Windows 2000 Server) to our Zimbra server (reporting to be Version 4.5.10_GA_1575.UBUNTU6 17-Nov-2007) but am failing in my attempts today.

I am using ZCSExchangeMigrationWizard-4.5.10_GA_1566.exe and have the login details for our domain administrator account, the Exchange mail administrator account and my own account has admin access to Zimbra.

The Zimbra admin details are accepted ok; I can then launch the MAPI profile chooser and select a profile with the rights to access everything on the Exchange server; I can pick the user I intend to migrate and they are verified ("account exists"). I chose to migrate the mail, however, and am presented with the following error:

17-09-2008 13:56:07 [768]: ZCSExchangeMigrationWizard-4.5.10_GA_1566 Version 4.5
17-09-2008 13:56:07 [768]: Outlook.Application\CurVer: 11
17-09-2008 13:56:43 [768]: Picking Objects
17-09-2008 13:57:03 [768]: Creating / starting 1 worker threads
17-09-2008 13:57:03 [768]: Dispatching work to worker threads
17-09-2008 13:57:03 [768]: Notifying threads to exit
17-09-2008 13:57:03 [3384]: Worker thread started
17-09-2008 13:57:03 [3384]: Waiting for work
17-09-2008 13:57:03 [3384]: Work arrived.../o=First Organization/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=andrew.bates [email address obscured to protect the innocent]
17-09-2008 13:57:03 [3384]: Opening other users store
17-09-2008 13:57:03 [3384]: Logging on to zimbra server (
17-09-2008 13:57:26 [3384]: Deleting mapi folder list
17-09-2008 13:57:26 [3384]: RPC Error: Unable to connect.
17-09-2008 13:57:26 [3384]: Waiting for work
17-09-2008 13:57:26 [3384]: Worker thread exiting
I assume that the important line is "RPC Error: Unable to connect"; presumably the Zimbra client is failing to access the Exchange server? I need to run this past our Windows admin, but I hoped that someone here may be able to shed some light on what's failing.

Thanks in advance,