We are beginning a trial of ZCS and I have downloaded and installed ZCO on a user with Outlook 2K3 and an Outlook.pst that is close to 2gb in size (though i am not sure its size is even a factor here). What the installation documentation indicates is that when I install the ZCO .msi, and then run outlook for the first time after that, it will prompt for Zimbra server info. OK, it does that fine. The docs also indiciate that it should begin a sync of all the user's original, primary outlook.pst profile. what happens is that it immediately sets up the new Zimbra profile and the syncs with what was already on the zimbra server for that user, but then does NOTHING with ANY of the original Outlook profile stuff. I know i can use the PST import wizard, but, isn't it supposed to blend the original profile into the new Zimbra profile?????