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Thread: migrating with imapsync: imap - APPEND failed: invalid name

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    Default migrating with imapsync: imap - APPEND failed: invalid name

    I'm trying to migrate our domains mail from a IMAP server at Joyent to a new installation of Zimbra 5.0.9 with imapsync:

    imapsync throws these errors at me:

    + NO msg #229 [zId1umXxCnAQQkF1gAjLcA:2927] in Archiv
    + Copying msg #229:2927 to folder Archiv
    flags from : [\Answered \Seen $Joyent:id:123456 $NotJunk JunkRecorded]["10-Apr-2007 10:35:01 +0200"]
    267 NO APPEND failed
    at /usr/bin/imapsync line 1360
    Couldn't append msg #229 (Subject:[RE: bla bla]) to folder Archiv: 267 NO APPEND failed

    and in /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log I see the following errors:

    2008-09-29 16:45:06,004 INFO [ImapServer-4] [name=xxx@xxx.tld;mid=4;ip=;] imap - APPEND failed: invalid name: $Joyent:id:123456

    I'm out of ideas...

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    Imapsync is very useful migration tool, however it has some undocumented limitations that you have to discover, isolate and work around.

    I had problems using imapsync with certain characers in folder and password fields. Specifically, it didn't want to work with spaces or special characters in folder names, plus it didn't like periods or certain special characters in passwords. It also doesn't like very long folder names or deeply nested folder sets.

    The program moved most of my users and folders find after a bit to testing. I examined the output logs and manually ran imapsync on troublesome accounts and folders. [In my case, this was easier and faster than trying to fix the underlying program limitiations.]

    For me, the solution was to change all folder names to alphameric only, change passwords as well. Still ended up with a few folders that I had to copy over by hand using Thunderbird.
    Macy Hallock - Hallock Consulting - Medina, Ohio

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    As far as I can tell imapsync works fine with IMAP folder names that contain spaces - you just need to escape the spaces with a backslash:

     imapsync -user1 ayn -host1 -ssl1 -user2 ayn -host2 -ssl2 -noauthmd5 --folder INBOX.Logs\ -\ Logwatch
    ..but ampersands look like they don't work.

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    so old thread, but I found this issue now.. on /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log I found this messages:

    imap - APPEND failed: invalid name: Todo:FLAG0

    so I deleted all user added flags on the origin account to solve problem

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