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Thread: Successful Migration from Courier-MTA

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    Default Successful Migration from Courier-MTA


    I have been running a small ISP service (1000 users, 200 domains, 500 aliases) with Courier on Debian x86 with MySQL authentication for many years and although this was quite stable for me I decided that the old Dual server was about ready for the scrapheap.

    I had already installed a test zimbra server and I liked it so I decided to get a new Quad Core server with lots of RAM and disk. We have standardized on Debian and I decided to install Debian AMD64. As there was no binary package, I also thought it would be good experience to compile from source (what an experience that was!). You might tell by now that I don't like making things easy for myself!

    Once I had zimbra up and running I turned my attention to migrating users. This was all stored in a MySQL but over the years was migrated from various sources and ages of machines. The oldest was a circa 1993 /etc/passwd file from SCO Unix! (and yes I also installed that one).

    This meant that the passwd table was a mixture of DES/SHA and clear text passwords. All of the scripts are ones I found and modified, I have kept any copyright etc intact if applicable. First is a simple script to export the users to a zmprov format file (called I tried various ways to import encrypted passwords but prefixing these with {crypt} didn't work for me. I ended up using a direct ldap password change but more about this later!

    I also grabbed the file and modified it for the courier aliases format. This wasn't 100 percent but it managed to get a fairly usable import. this created all domains, aliases and distribution lists (some of the disribution list membership was screwed-up but a quick skim of the file fixed that).

    I then decided that the easiest way to get the users with encrypted passwords over was to change their password temporarilly to a known value and then run imapsync on them. I modified to script to create setPassword commands for users with encrypted passwords.

    Once I had run imapsync after much head-scratching, I managed to create an ldif file (see script import.php) which takes a csv file of the format username,crypt-password and then import it into zimbra with the following command:

    /opt/zimbra/openldap/bin/ldapmodify -x -H ldap://servername:389 -D "uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra" -W < exported.ldif

    Once I had restarted zimbra then all users could login fine (I am still not sure why zmprov setPassword "{crypt}encrypted-password" didn't work for me?????

    As I said by using an unsupported platform (Debian AMD64) I probably made this quite a lot more difficult for myself but I certainly learnt a lot about zimbra in the process!!!!


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