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    Exclamation Bulk migrate Contacts

    I have 2 questions about migration of contacts (Address Book) ...
    1 - Itīs possible migrate all contacts of my users from my old horde (Turba) server to my zimbra server, and not one to one.
    2 - Itīs possible to make by default to all users to have 2 Address Books, one global, with my ldap base users, and other with the personal contacts of the user.


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    1. I don't believe there is an import utility. That being said, if you're a persohn who enjoys scripting and you could figure out how to dump the contacts from horde for each person, you can import them into zimbra easily through the command line. See This thread for a bit of info regarding that

    2. As long as users have access to the gal via their cos policy they should already have this. The global address list is an address book for all intents and purposes that contain all your system users, or can be tied to an ldap directory. Then, users have their own Contacts folder by default. Is this what you need?

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    #2: You may be asking about Bug 14531 - GAL via contacts folders with sorting, browsing and real sync (different than running a search/auto-complete against the GAL)

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