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Thread: Importing all mail from single user on postfix

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    Default Importing all mail from single user on postfix

    My issues are pretty simple, but I can't seem to find the proper solution here. We've moved most everyone to Zimbra and there are a few people who had regular POP accounts on an old postfix server NOT running IMAP using MailDir format.

    Is it possible to maybe tar up that users MailDir directory , move it to the Zimbra server and then import all host mails somehow to their Zimbra account?

    Same question as above but importing from a VERY old mbox format where all the mail was in one big file. We have 2 people with that.

    Everything I see here is related to migrating IMAP accounts, thus I post the question.

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    you can migrate by pop3 using pop2imap ( see this wiki page User Migration - Zimbra :: Wiki ), you need to have all accounts created early in your zimbra box ( you can use a script too for this ).

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    Thank you for the point in the right direction. After playing with it a little bit I was able to get the account moved.

    Just in case anyone else needs some help there were a few things I had to do that weren't really documented very well.

    First off, if you're using a standard load of CentOS you'll need to install some perl modules. Using the ' cpan ' tool makes this easy.


    Once you have that done you'll still get an error:
    Name "Mail::IMAPClient::Ssl" used only once: possible typo at pop2imap line 502.
    when running the script but in my case everything seemed to work anyway...

    The syntax examples it gives don't actually tell you that --passfile1 & --passfile2 are looking for an actual text file with the password in plain text.

    The FOLDER you plan on moving everything to on the IMAP server needs to ALREADY exist or the script will fail.

    Lastely you have to ENABLE Clear Text Login for IMAP in your Zimbra Admin or the script fails. Once you're done you can Disable the Clear Text Login again.

    Other than those little notes it was pretty easy and got the job done.

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