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Thread: Some things about my migration

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    Exclamation Some things about my migration

    well, i am migrating +1500 accounts from my ldap/dovecot/sendmail old server to Zimbra, i make all migrations of ldap accounts to zimbra, and now i am testing the migration of messages using imapsync, but i see one little thing ... the accounts only be migrated by imapsync if then are logged first !

    Itīs have some option or trick to avoid this ?

    And second itīs about, other part of my migration, the Samba, when i set the users to be a samba account using zimbra-samba zimlets, itīs create their homes folders or i have to create them manually ?

    And finnaly the third, i have a updated openfire server running well , itīs possible to integrate the webmessenger of the zimbra to use my OpenFire server instead of the old version of it used by zimbra ?

    Thanks for the help.
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