I'm in the process of converting and migrating user data from our Oracle Calendar system, and one of the things we'll need to convert are To-Do lists (i.e., tasks.) I'm having trouble pushing the task ICS files into zimbra via the REST interface as the admin user. Using the individual user credentials seems to work, but is impractical for large-scale migrations (550+ users).

I'm using the following command to push the data to Zimbra:

curl -u admin@mydomain.tld --data-binary @username_tasklist.ics 'https://zimbraserver.mydomain.tld/service/home/username/tasks?fmt=ics'
This is taken from the User Migration page on the Zimbra Wiki.

It works fine if I use the user's credentials, but admin gets a HTTP 403.

It works fine for pushing actual calendars, like:

curl -u admin@mydomain.tld --data-binary @username_calendar.ics 'https://zimbraserver.mydomain.tld/service/home/username/calendar?fmt=ics'
Have I run into a bug?

The error message returned to me is:


permission denied: you do not have sufficient permissions


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I couldn't find anything relevant in the logs (/opt/zimbra/log), but I'm not sure what I should be looking for...