I prepared everything properly and did my upgrade from 5.0.2 to 5.0.10, after upgrading mysql failed to start. I struggled with it for a full night and decided to go back to old version. But backup version failed too. So I did a ZCS server to server routine (taken from several threads) to try and recover from the backed up data. Now 14 GB of data is stuck in a server with restored files in a mysql that refuses to connect.

I have read through every piece of information I can find on the wiki and forum but don't seem to get an answer on how to solve this problem:

081005 05:01:41 mysqld started
Warning: World-writable config file '/opt/zimbra/conf/my.cnf' is ignored
081005 5:01:41 [Warning] Can't create test file /opt/zimbra/mysql-standard-5.0.51a-pc-linux-gnu-i686-glibc23/var/mail2.lower-te$
081005 5:01:41 [Warning] Can't create test file /opt/zimbra/mysql-standard-5.0.51a-pc-linux-gnu-i686-glibc23/var/mail2.lower-te$
^G/opt/zimbra/mysql/libexec/mysqld: Can't change dir to '/opt/zimbra/mysql-standard-5.0.51a-pc-linux-gnu-i686-glibc23/var/' (Err$
081005 5:01:41 [ERROR] Aborting

081005 5:01:41 [Note] /opt/zimbra/mysql/libexec/mysqld: Shutdown complete

081005 05:01:41 mysqld ended

I have another 10 hours to get this up or I will be cooked. Any help from any of the masters would be greatly appreciated.