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Thread: Zimbra - Exchange (scalable) migration

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    Default Zimbra - Exchange (scalable) migration


    To test Zimbra in a large organisation (currently using Exchange 2003) we're going to conduct a Zimbra-Pilot with apr. 500 users.

    For the pilot we're going to migrate the pilot users from Exchange to Zimbra. After the pilot is complete we have to migrate the 500 users back from Zimbra to Exchange.

    The two scenario's we're planning;
    1. Migration Exchange -> Zimbra
    This will be done with the Zimbra Exchange Migration Wizzard.

    2. Migration Zimbra -> Exchange
    For this part we only came up with the following solution;
    Install Outlook with ZOC, target the Zimbra mailbox, export to PST, import to Exchange

    Does anyone have a more scalable solution for the 2nd migration, as exporting 500 by mailboxes is very labour intensive.

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    if you create your users' mailboxes for Exchange, you could have each user connect to their Exchange mailbox (which will be empty), and their Zimbra mailbox using IMAP. Your users could then drag their messages across from Zimbra to the Exchange server. It's still not automated, which may not be acceptable to you.

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    What about Exchange Migration Wizard in terms of migration from POP3 server (i.e. Zimbra)?

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