Guys –
Does anybody have a trick for doing NON-AUTHORATATIVE domains
ie: (old OPWV feature)
Given: Old Mail Server:
New Mail Server (Zimbra)

I want to have a alias of so that his old address is an alias for his new address.

That way when he/she sends mail to migrated users the mail stays local (on the zimbra host) – but for non-migrated users the Zimbra system looks up the domain and sends the mail as usual.

I have not tried to add the aliases via zmprov – but the Admin GUI complains that the target domain is not found.

FYI: the user also has an external account set up on the Zimbra system so that they POP any mail sent to

As a note – I have very little control of the type/function/and configuration of the users on the mail server.

Lastly – I saw the article on Split-Domains, but that assume that Zimbra is the primary and will forward mail to the secondary.

Many Thanks –

And as always and all thoughts are welcome