I had zimbra 5.08 on a ubuntu 6.06 box (hosting only my email) and had a hdd crash on that box. Fortunately zimbra was on a separate drive (and I had backups of the zimbra folder) so I didn't lose it, but I did lose all my dns, dhcp, etc. settings from that box. Looking at the migration/recovery information I find that the only way to get zimbra back up and running is to have exactly the same network settings (dns, ip, etc). I have tried to get things up on a rebuilt box, but the closest I can come gets parts of zimbra working but the internal mysql won't launch. How can I get my emails out of here? Is there a way I can do a fresh install with new settings and migrate only the emails? Is there a way to get the emails out of the db tables directly? I have about 4gb of email in there and I don't want to lose it.

I had really liked zimbra, but this recovery effort is souring me quickly. It was much simpler to migrate/restore .mailbox directories.

Any help would be appreciated.