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Thread: Another Calendar import issue?!

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    Question Another Calendar import issue?!


    I'm at the point of where we are going to migrate our calendar date from our old system to zimbra. Now I've done this on our test server many times (5.0.5) without any problems.

    The server is at version 5.0.11, and a simple export/import shows that something is wrong:

    curl -vvv -k -u username https://server/home/username/calendar?fmt=ics>tst.ical

    This returns no errors, and the file looks as it should...

    When trying to import the file:

    curl -vvv -k -u username --data-binary @tst.ics https://server/home/username/calendar?fmt=ics

    It fails! I've attached the tst.ics file and the output.log file.

    Anyone got an ide?
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