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Thread: Empty External IMAP Accounts?

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    Default Empty External IMAP Accounts?

    I have setup an external IMAP account in my Zimbra main account from the preferences/accounts tab. It loaded folders NP, but is not loading messages.

    I'm using this feature to evaluate the Zimbra server before having to migrate existing mail.

    Any thoughts?

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    Default get External mail

    under the mail tab have you clicked on "get external mail"
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    There is a solution here: Blog Archive Using Zimbra to check Gmail

    In case it's removed:
    The value that has to be set is ZimbraDataSourcePollingInterval and this value is global. This means every NEW user you add will receive this value and their IMAP/POP email will be checked at the interval set.

    $ zmprov mc default zimbraDataSourcePollingInterval 180

    For the existing accounts, check names and set personal variables in seconds:

    $ zmprov gds username | grep DataSourceName
    $ zmprov mds username accountname zimbraDataSourcePollingInterval 180

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    We don't see a "get external mail" button in 5.0.18 NE... has it been removed?

    I have tried setting the zimbraDataSourcePollingInterval for the COS, and it works, but now I see that Zimbra will download all mail from external imap servers, which for gmail is a real problem, due to the way it duplicates messages with tags/folders via imap.

    There was a feature request to control this in Zimbra Desktop, to only download headers. Is anything similar in ZCS yet? Otherwise, there is no way we can allow users to add external imap accounts at this point.

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