Hello everybody,

i here running Network Edition 5.0.8 x86_64 on Ubuntu 6.06 x86_64 (installed shortly before 8.04 was supported
Cause all other server run's 8.04.1 x86_64 (one including VMware with Windows 2003 and BES + ZCB) we are thinking about Upgrading to the same version (cause there are some other libraries and programms missing in 6.06 too)

What is the correct way?

shutdown zimbra
make a complete Backup
upgrade Ubuntu 6.06.2 to 8.04.1 with aptitude dist-upgrade and server-reboot
install 5.0.11 for Ubuntu 8.04x86_64

thank you for all information, are there some traps with ZCB on upgrading or any other pitfall's?