I have successfully migrated several Exchange 2003 mailboxes to Zimbra 5.0.11 on Ubuntu 8.04.

One mailbox did have a problem though. This user has many sub-folders in their Inbox, one of which is called Personal. When I look at this folder in Zimbra, there is one email listed in the right pane. When I mouse over the folder name, it says there are 2679 emails totalling 341 MB.

I ran /opt/zimbra/bin/mysql and did the following:

use mboxgroup7;
select id from mail_item where name like 'personal';
select * from mail_item where folder_id = 67714; --from the previous query

The last statement returns 2679 rows. I have verified that the related email files physically exist on the hard drive too.

I re-indexed the mailbox which did not help.

Does anyone know what needs to be done to get these to show up? I'm afraid that somehow these messages have been flagged for deletion or something and if an IMAP expunge happens they will actually be deleted which I cannot afford to have happen.

I look forward to any suggestions possible.

Thank you,