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Thread: Restore backup?

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    Default Restore backup?

    I need help ASAP! 2 days ago i brought down the zimbra server while trying to change the HELO 'hostname'. After many failed attempts I have decided to restore a backup that was done in Feburary.

    What I am thinking is that I can rename my current (broken) Zimbra directory and then unzip the older backup.

    Now, what I am wondering is how would I move over the current emails and new accounts over to this newly restored backup? Do i simply copy over the /opt/zimbra/store directory?

    If someone can help today that would be greatly appreciated! I can even pay for any assistance and you can putty into our server.

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    Ok, so that restoring backup idea did not work. Sorry to sound so desperate on here, but my job is depending on the email server to be up by today. If anyone can help or is willing to putty into our server, we'll pay! Thanks in advance.

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