hi all,
i'm testing a multiserver installation and i have a problem:
i've installed 4 server
z1.mydomain.com (ldap + proxy)
z2.mydomain.com mailstore1
z3.mydomain.com mta ecc..
z4.mydomain.com mailstore2

i made a mistake installing z4.mydomain.com because of i've registered "mydomain.com" instead of z4.mydomain.com in the mailstore installation. i disinstalled it and reinstall with correct values but i think that something wrong remained in ldap directory because when i try to popolate 50 user with the bulk option, some users goes ok and some other not. In particular there are some users (random?) which became registered with zimbraMailHost and zimbraMailTransport record with the "mydomain.com" value instead of correct "zx.mydomain.com" value. In this case, when i try to edit the user with the admin interface, i have a "Messaggio: mountpoint loop detected Codice di errore: service.TOO_MANY_HOPS Method: GetAccountRequest Dettagli:soap:Sender" and i cannot save changes and login in.

I can correct this user by user with:
zmprov -l -v ma user002@mydomain.com zimbraMailHost z4.mydomain.com
zmprov -l -v ma user002@mydomain.com zimbraMailTransport z4.mydomain.com

but i need to modify something in ldap directory deleting the entry for the wrong mailstore name (mydomain.com)

i've found the follow thread bun i cannot understand if it's the good trick for me:


thanks in advance for any help