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Thread: Zimbra Vs Exchange - Pricing

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    If you are going to do a true side-by-side price comparison of a Zimbra rollout vs an Exchange rollout, you need to include the price of backups. Zimbra NE includes a great backup utility. Backup utilities for Exchange are licensed on a per mailbox basis. Zimbra wins here.

    You also need to include the cost of server-side antivirus and antispam. Again, Zimbra includes this. I can't think of any Windows package that does not license these on a per-user basis. Zimbra wins here again.

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    Sorry but ClamAV runs (well) on Windows(tm)(r)(c) too.

    However, the pricing calculation changed this year with Zimbra (>3 years contracts).

    Anyone thinking of ZCS as a long term project (that should mean _*anyone*_) should check with sales or a local VAR.

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