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Thread: ZCSDominoMigrationWizard, problem migrating Address Book

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    Default ZCSDominoMigrationWizard, problem migrating Address Book


    I want to migrate from Lotus Domino (6.5.3) to Zimbra (5.0.12).
    I'm testing ZCSDominoMigrationWizard tool to migrate all user mailbox.

    It's a great tool, all Messages and Calendars are migrating correctly.
    But I have a problem with Address Book, ZCSDominoMigrationWizard don't migrate contacs. Why? The tool didn't report any error!

    I have checked my notes.ini configurations, there's this entry:
    What's the problem?

    Thanks, Morgan

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    I've got the same prob. I think I'll export names.nsf to csv, pst or whatever and then import (if I?m able to find a tool to export, sure!)


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