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Thread: Curious about Collaborating with Tasks and Documents

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    Question Curious about Collaborating with Tasks and Documents

    I am looking to install ZIMBRA Open-source edition on my VPS server to collaborate and work on a few documents and tasks within our team and group of people. My main concern is does the team have to have ALL their own email account at my domain where i set zimbra up?

    For example say i have

    User 1 is me, so would i be able to only share with user2 ? and user3 and 4 wouldnt be able to work with us since they are on a different domain email account?

    Also how is the login process work with zimbra is it like cpanel type of thing then you go > to zimbra, or can it be like for ease of remembering for our whole team?

    final question is can i route multiple domains on 1 zimbra account such as and without installing zimbra 3 or 4 times EVEN IF those domains are on a different server? is that possible?

    Thanks for your help and sorry for the long post...
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