Hi all,
i'm using
Release 5.0.12_GA_2789.UBUNTU8_64 UBUNTU8_64 FOSS edition

after migrating one account with ZC***changeMigrationWizard-5.0.12_GA_2789; the user wasn't created in advance on zimbra; I let the wizzard do the provisioning; the domain was created in advance on zimbra though.

I saw in the wizzard that all mails are transfered, after a while the wizzard said succesfully migrated this account. Let's say this account is named username@domain.com

domain.com is a virtual domain created in the admin interface before migration.

Now when looking in the admin interface:
1. I can't see the newly created account
2. I get an error when selecting aliases on the menu:
system failure: target 7afffdf7-4ede-4419-985b-a5e9f9c3356b of alias username@domain.com not found (zimbraId=7afffdf7-4ede-4419-985b-a5e9f9c3356b) Foutcode: service.FAILURE Method: SearchDirectoryRequest Details:soap:Receiver

And can't login in the mail-interface too..

Strange enough, I can't create username@domain.com anymore in the management interface: there is already a distribution list; account or alias with this name.

so; I went to console:

su - zimbra
prov> gaa

but doesn't show username@domain.com

prov>ca username@domain.com secret
ERROR: account.ACCOUNT_EXISTS (email address already exists: username@domain.com, at DN: uid=username,ou=people,dc=domain,dc=com)

after this, trying to remove this invisible user:

prov> raa username@domain.com
usage: removeAccountAlias(raa) {name@domain|id} {alias@domain}

So my input is incorrect or.. it doesn't work

some other trys to get something:

prov> gam username@domain.com
ERROR: account.NO_SUCH_ACCOUNT (no such account: username@domain.com)
prov> gid username@domain.com
ERROR: account.NO_SUCH_ACCOUNT (no such account: username@domain.com)
prov> da username@domain.com
ERROR: account.NO_SUCH_ACCOUNT (no such account: username@domain.com)

I can't remove the domain either; failure there is still 1 account on it...

What to do??