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Thread: Emails' headers are all messed and not matched with emails' contents

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    Default Emails' headers are all messed and not matched with emails' contents

    Dear, all. We run into big problems after migrating to the latest version 5.0.12_GA_2789.RHEL5.20091026051426 from 5.0.11_GA_2695.RHEL5.20081117051306 after migrating from Openxchange 5.

    We first migrated from OX 5 but the new box has some problems with the hardware so we migrated again to a newer box with the newer version.

    We did not find out what are wrong until recently when some users alerted that when they opened emails that said to be sent from user_A but when they opened the emails it was sent from another user_B. I looked at the headers in Outlook 2007 and they are incorrect. The contents of the emails are not matched with the sender in the headers. There are a lot of such problems in various accounts. The contents of the messages are ok but the headers are all messed up.

    We did not know if this problem had happened between migration from OX5 to the first Zimbra version or not.

    We use standard imapsync to copy emails between these boxes.

    By the way, it only happened to users who are using Outlook 2007. The emails are fine with the web mail and _probably_ in Thunderbird.

    Please help or suggest a solution to fix this as this is very serious problems.

    Thank you very much.
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