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Thread: Evaluating Zimbra: Are these features available, coming soon, or coming never?

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    Question Evaluating Zimbra: Are these features available, coming soon, or coming never?

    Doing a Zimbra eval and have a couple of questions about features.

    1. Pass-through Authentication
      Don't know if this is even possible. But I would like the same type of pass-through authentication that desktop Outlook uses.
      Edit: Have since realized that this is possible as OWA will do this under certain conditions.
    2. File > SendTo in MS Office (Windows)
      This integration I know is possible, because it's being done with OWA over Exchange. See here: Messageware ActiveSend
    3. Drag-n-drop Message Editor
      Again, don't know if this is possible in a browser-based editor. But I would like to be able to drag-n-drop attachments and inline images into the message editor.

    Does anyone know the status of these features? Are they available, coming soon, or coming never?

    I'm no professional programmer, but I could probably be convinced to write a couple of these features with some guidance.

    Thanks for you comments,
    Lane Beneke
    Southern Piping Co.
    Wilson, NC, USA
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