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Thread: Active Directory sync with zimbra-dap

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    tanx for your helps.
    i get this file and change the parameters must be changed like:

    # Server values
    LDAP_SERVER="ldap://Ip address of My AD"
    BINDPW="Admin Password"
    FILTER="(&(sAMAccountName=*)(objectClass=user)(giv enName=*))"
    # ( My domain name is RM.BF )

    and change mode of this file +x to be executable
    and copy it to /root and run script with root user
    after run script this message be shown:

    [root@mail ~]# source
    Quering ADS... ldap_bind: Invalid credentials (49)
    additional info: 80090308: LdapErr: DSID-0C090334, comment: AcceptSecurityContext error, data 525, vece
    Found 0 users (/tmp/users_ads_114661000.lst)
    Quering ZCS... ERROR: service.INVALID_REQUEST (invalid request: can only be used with "zmprov -l/--ldap")
    Found 0 users (/tmp/users_zcs_114661000.lst)
    Generating diff file (/tmp/users_dif_114661000.lst)
    New users: 0
    Old users: 0
    [root@mail ~]#

    whats your idea about this problem?
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    my problem not solved
    please help me

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    hi all I got the same problem in here, when used this scripts

    change parameters what I made are:
    # Server values
    LDAP_SERVER="ldap://Ip address of My AD"
    FILTER="(&(sAMAccountName=*)(objectClass=user)(giv enName=*))"

    after run this script , this the result:
    root@mail:~# sh
    Quering ADS... Found 75 users (/tmp/users_ads_986163786.lst)
    Quering ZCS... Found 40 users (/tmp/users_zcs_986163786.lst)
    Generating diff file (/tmp/users_dif_986163786.lst)
    New users: 75
    - Adding ERROR: ldap.INVALID_ATTR_VALUE (invalid attr value - unable to create entry: some attributes not unique) 51: [: 2: unexpected operator

    can someone help me, to explain what the meaning of this error
    and solve this problem?
    because I don't have sufficient shell script knowledge
    thanks before

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    Quote Originally Posted by milesteg View Post
    Hi all

    I've just installed zimbra and configured authentication with an AD running on Windows 2003 Server. It works fine. However, I cannot find a stable solution to maintain both directories synchronized. I've found a script, which allows zimbra to get all users in AD by means of comparing them with existing users in zimbra-ldap. However, the script does not get any attribute like name, surname, telephone, etc; only user's e-mail address, which is used as zimbra user name.

    This is the url where you can find the script: Linalco: Especialistas en Linux y Software Libre - Detalles del documento

    We have paid for Network Edition License, but I cannot find any section in the support page which provides a solution for this. Is there any reliable and stable way of maintaining the servers in sync without having to write a script by myself?

    Thank you ver much
    Hey Milesteg, there is a feature in Zimbra 8 for auto-provisioning of accounts from AD.You can try that if that is what you want.

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