Dear Gurus,

I am running the Postfix,Dovecot with Openwebmail i want to install Zimbra on Centos 5 and Migrate users from my old Fedora 8 with Above MTA,

i have some queries.
1)firstly during first month i want to Run My Openwebmail & Zimbra go together running,when i get zimbra Mature then Disable access to openwebmail to my clients.
2)IN My Situation will it be possible to run Both openwebmail and Zimbra for Access the same Mail Boxes,Openwebmail on Fedora OS while Zimbra on Centos,

Please guide me wheter i fully transfer my users to Zimbra ???

3)My users for Postfix MTA located in /home/username/mail

I want to Copy home directories from my Old Fedora to Which location of Centos where i have installed Zimbra.... i mean to say from which location Zimbra store the emails.

4)how to tranzfer /etc/passwd & /etc/shadow file from Fedora to Zimbra.Whether zimbra also /etc/password & /etc/shadow???

4)Is zimbra open source support Web chat.