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Thread: mail server migration from postfix to zimbra

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    Default mail server migration from postfix to zimbra

    Dear All,

    I have a mail server Postfix smtp with Courier Imap and Fedora Directory Server authentication. And all my address books stored in mysql database. SPAMASSASIN and CLAM-AV also the part of Setup

    Now I want to migrate to ZImbra. I have few queries about migration. please answer to following queries, so that I can migrate my mail server to ZIMBRA.

    1. Is it possible to migrate to zimbra ?
    2. Is ther any tools which can help for migration, what are the tools. ?
    3. How about mysql migration ?
    4. How about Authentication migration from FDS to ZIMBRA LDAP.
    5. What are Spam filters available with ZIMBRA ?

    And finally whats the ZIMBRA enterprise License cost, How can I approach Sales team ?

    Thanking you

    Laxman Swamy

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    Welcome to the forums

    All of the things you ask are achievable in one shape or form. You would be best completing this enquiry form with any specific questions you have regarding pricing.

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