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Thread: Migrating to Zimbra with 2 servers

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    Default Migrating to Zimbra with 2 servers

    Hi guys,
    I'm looking for an idea of how to do this, or even if it's possible.

    My target is moving all accounts and emails from Scalix server to Zimbra in the same box.

    I'd like to plan out the migrating steps as follow:

    1. Box 1 is our live mail server running zimbra on red hat. Box 2 will be our temporary server.

    2. Install zimbra on box 2, create all accounts on zimbra.

    3. Stop smtp server on box 1

    4. use Imapsync to transfer emails from box 1 to box 2.

    5. shut down scalix service on box 1.

    6. Install Zimbra on box 1.

    7. Copy mail data store from box 2 to box 1

    8. Verify the zimbra is working and uninstall Scalix.

    I am most concern about step 7. Is it possible to do? and how?

    Many Thanks,


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    have you looked at this article?

    that may be a way you want to go, also in the wiki article

    it discusses how to move from 32bit to 64bit, but tells what files you need to move for a datastore.
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    Yeah I read the article. I no longer think that's a good way to migrate.
    The new plan is install zimbra in the same box as scalix, change imap port and imap sync the account.

    Opinions on this are welcome, mail to be transfer next weekend.

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