We're planning a migration at some of our clients' offices, and we came across somewhat of an issue as we tried to migrate Thunderbird's address books into Zimbra.

Most users use a French version of Thunderbird 2.0.x, and the CSV file generated has a french header, making it impossible to import into Zimbra.

I found that it was possible to import the CSV file if we changed the french header to an english one taken in a CSV file made with an english Thuderbird.

Now that our clients want to have their users migrate their address books themselves (saves costs), we have to come up with an idiot-proof way of editing the Thunderbird-generated CSV file. First idea was to provide an english header and instruct the users to replace the french header with an english one and to import it into Zimbra. I'm afraid it will fail and generate lots of support calls.

Other option was Zindus, but we don't feel like deploying it on 100 geographically dispersed Mac laptops (users don't have local admin rights on the laptops, and no ldap-based app deployment, like Active Directory)...

Does someone here ever successfully migrated non-English Thunderbird address books into Zimbra