Most software providers will only advertise their strengths and not their weaknesses. I felt that it will benefit everyone if weaknesses (frustrating and problematic issues) are published so that we can make an informed choice when choosing Zimbra. It will even be helpful if someone found ways to overcome these weaknesses too.

Here's my frustrating issues experienced so far:

1. Beside attachment, Outlook can embed images inside the email itself. Zimbra can't do this and will create broken image link when forwarding email with embed images.

2. Some emails appear to be completely empty but the content will appear when you forward it. We found that to force the content to display as text will resolve this, but all text styles will disappear.

3. There is no way to find out where is this mailbox is located on the harddisk, making manual migrating or backup near impossible.

4. There is no option to sort address book by first or last name. This is mess up all non-english names

5. There is no way to manage Zimbra if the Admin webpage is inaccessible.

6. It is very easy to corrupt Zimbra and make the admin webpage inaccessible if you type wrong command in the Terminal. There is virtually no protection against this.

7. Global Address Book does not exist (not the same as shared address book, as it has to be shared again for every new account)

8. There is no option to send email thru another account that will show the email address of the account used to send. Zimbra insist to put the default account at the from field.

Anyone has any solution for the above mentioned issue? Anyone has any more frustrating issues to share that I may not yet encounter?