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Thread: Migrations from Domino

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    Default Migrations from Domino

    Hi all, we are in the process to migrate from a Domino-based architecture to a Zimbra-based one. We would like to set up a Zimbra MTA and a Zimbra POP/IMAP server on different machines and preserve the Domino server (split domain). Now the problem is, if I want the MTA to be the authoritative server, should I configure all the accounts there? Is there a way to get them from the Domino/Zimbra proxies via LDAP? Or maybe should I change my architecture and let the Zimbra proxy be the authoritative? If so, again should I configure all accounts on it?

    Thank you for your time.

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    I'm interested on this. Still I cannot figure it out how ?

    until we finish he's total migration, a customer needs to have webmail access to it's Lotus Domino mailboxes.

    he needs it through ZIMBRA HTTP Proxy is it feasible ?

    any idea for an alternative ?

    kind regards,

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