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Thread: Briefcase: Importing Existing Folders & Files

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    Question Briefcase: Importing Existing Folders & Files

    Your help is most appreciated.
    Okay, messages, contacts, calendars, pretty easy to import from Exchange and is pretty stable.

    But what about importing a large file store that is on a shared company drive into Briefcase? It seems a bit mindless but for Zimbra to leave this out for such a scalable system plus the many of us that are finally dumping MS and migrating our complete operations, I would think this would have been a priority to serve the many of us that have the paid version of Zimbra.

    I have been trying every which way to get this done without having to do it manually. This file store is over 200,000 files with an extensive taxonomy of (sub)folders.

    First I tar-gzip (.tgz) the entire drive. Then I try to just use the import-export function from within a Zimbra account that I am using to perform all the systemwide shares called ''.

    What's funny is that the import function does the job and results all the folders in the correct structure but no files whatsoever.

    I could upload or use the drag-and-drop Zimlet (and companion Firefox XPI) but that would take me a week to do. So, my network guru built a python script using curl as the vehicle to pass the files to Zimbra (attached with added .txt so it doesn't run on you.) Now, it works but only to a point.

    Unless you have another way of doing it.

    When you import a file into Zimbra or use the drag-and-drop Zimlet and Firefox XPI, Zimbra adds a companion file with the extension *.meta that has the mime-type and other information. This is essential for a working file in the Briefcase. It also allows the correct icon to show up in front of the file for the correct application association that Firefox can recognize.

    Using this python script, as I said it does work but Zimbra doesn't create those *.meta companion files on the import.

    It's a fairly simple affair but we just don't know enough about the innards of Zimbra to be able to make it work.

    You help is most appreciated.
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    Just see another simple shell script to export briefcase folders of ALL accounts: Zimbra briefcase export tool | LouiSe

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