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Thread: user migration wiki page needs a haircut/trimming

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    Default user migration wiki page needs a haircut/trimming

    I figure I should make this post to the forums in case people are wondering WTF or WhyTF I did this. I've made some changes to: User Migration - Zimbra :: Wiki

    I'm from the school of thought, that wiki pages and/or web documentation should not extend a mile down...and the index at the top of the wiki page should be organized sanely. My approach has been this:
    - move code out to separate wiki pages
    - group similar topics together (i.e. Kerio and DoveCot weren't under IMAP but on the same level in the heirarchy)

    In general, the wiki should break things down and make it easier to understand -- that is where I'm coming from as the end goal. Also I figure if anyone cares enough they will revert back. But I think my changes are sane.
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    Then again... it could be argued that I did a very bad thing. For people who "deep link" into the (badly organized) wiki page, I've broken some of them by renaming the headings like:

    The tradeoff though, is readibility, if you ask me. Maybe a middle ground is to keep the old one in place, and have a link at the to the new one?

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