Dear Zimbra Team, I'm having an upgrade issue on my zimbra server. All the tasks of upgrade seems to be executing perfectly... even de ldap backup script performs the data restore from the old configuration, but at the database upgrade time it seem's to crash and show a MySQL query making reference to a db.version problem. The setup script notifies that it can't continue with the upgrade and my old Zimbra configuration does not work. I'm Using a Zimbra Collaboration Suite 4.5.11 GA on a Red Hat ES 4.0 Server. In an older post someone ask for the install.logxx file to check the versions of the software I guess, but the file it's not available. All this time, this version of Zimbra did work perfectly but I am looking forward to the version upgrade to improve my collaboration service with the new mobile features. I read and follow the upgrade steps available at the release notes of the new version of Zimbra. I'm using a Single-Server configuration. So, I would like some help if anybody know how to fix this issue or if there are some other steps to continue with the upgrade.

Thanks a lot for your help.