I am really considering moving from Firstclass to Zimbra and I am having all kinds of problems trying to sync from FC to Zimbra. The problems aren't on Zimbra's end, but on FC's end.

I have tried to use imapsync, but since FC has a broken implementation for IMAP it is only partially helpful.

I guess my question is has anyone out there successfully migrated from FC to Zimbra, and if so what did you have to live with?

Here is what I have figured out so far:

1. Contacts have to manually exported and imported
2. Sent email is not seen through the IMAP interface so it can't be transfered
3. Date format trouble with FC has forced me to not use the --syncinternaldates tag
4. Folders can been seen but their contents can't be. If I create a conference with the same name as the folder in the inbox and move all email from the folder into the conference, then it works.

If anyone has any tips it would be greatly appreciated...