Hi, everybody.

I'm evaluating Zimbra Collaboration Suite 5.0 Open Source Edition in a Centos 5.3. It is installed and running perfectly.

In my network there is a Postfix 2.4.7 serving mydomain.edu and it is the only authorized to send or receive messages from outside. It is configured with LDAP but using legacy schemes, so users databases won't be shared. I would like to run concurrently both postfix and zimbra and incrementally migrate the accounts from postfiz to zimbra and from my ldap to zimbra's ldap. So I would like that:

  • Both postfix and zimbra attend the same domain mydomain.edu
  • Posfix should be the only MTA to send on receive messages to internet (no change here)
  • Messages to @mydomain.edu should end in the right mailbox in postfix or zimbra

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance