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Thread: Import of local Thunderbird folders

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    Default Import of local Thunderbird folders

    How do you import existing, local email messages into a newly created Zimbra account? I have been using Thunderbird for a number of years, and must be able to import the historical mailboxes into Zimbra, otherwise it will not be feasible to switch. Everything else I've seen so far is great, but this is an elusive piece right now. I've searched the help and all I can find is the Import/Export tab and that doesn't seem to do it. Anyone got a quick hint for this?


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    If it is just for yourself or a few users the easiest thing to do is to create an IMAP account under TB pointing to your Zimbra server. Then just drag-and-drop your local TB messages to the Zimbra folders. However, if you have a large-scale migration this might not be the best route.

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    There's a bug in TB (at least, there was a bug, not sure if it's fixed now) when importing messages using IMAP (messages get the import date instead of real date).

    ZCS has a workarround for this.
    You have to use user@domain.tld/tb as IMAP user account (instead of user@domaine.tld) in order to trigger the workarround.

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