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Thread: A Few Questions Before using Zimbra

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    Post A Few Questions Before using Zimbra

    We currently wanting to migrate from our legacy pop3 mail solution but management wants to know what to do if/when a user deletes a email.
    I know the backup and archiving part of zimbra are available in the "pro" versions but what do you do if a user needs a deleted email?

    For instance since we use pop3 for mail this is the way we retrieve deleted emails.

    My users constantly delete "important" emails and we have to retrieve them. Since we use pop3 we open the catch all email account, "archive", in a mail client and search for the message. We then forward it to the user.

    How would we retrieve deleted emails w/ zimbra?

    As you can see this is very cumbersome. Not to mention our backups consists of splitting the PST file then burning it to disk. The PST file is well over 5 gigs.

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    Simple solution: use the Zimbra archiving product. Then you have a proper, per-user archive that you can search and recover messages from.

    Less simple solution: use Zimbra, disable POP3 access and use either the Outlook connector or plain IMAP, and take backups every night. So long as the e-mail is not deleted before the backup run, you can restore the account to a temp account, and copy/paste the message from the temp account to the real account.

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    Ok great, now that this taken care of I can move forward. Thanks again. Funny part is that I've been given similar advice on other products so looks like the users will have to get used to paying attention to what they do. *whew* time to get to work.

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