Hi All!

We plan to change our Lotus Domino server to Zimbra. We picked Zimbra, because it has migration tool for Domino, and it can be migrate the whole account not only the mails. This is very important over 300 mailbox.

I downloaded the NE Trial, and installed it, and now I would like to test the migration from Lotus. It seems good, but the migrated mails senders are in the original Lotus format (CN=Firstname Lastname,O=MYCOMPANY,C=HU), and the calendar entries don't have attendes.

I think, I give wrong LDAP parameters to the Migration Wizard, because I get the following messages in the log:

17-06-2009 13:57:06 [5508]: ldap_result returned no LDAP_RES_SEARCH_ENTRY. Érvénytelen DN-szintaxis, 101
17-06-2009 13:57:06 [5508]: ldap_result returned no LDAP_RES_SEARCH_ENTRY. Paraméterhiba, -1
17-06-2009 13:57:06 [5508]: DN Map creation failed.
The LDAP server is the currently used DOMINO server, and the LDAP service is running perfectly, with external LDAP browser I can browse them.
I think the User DN is wrong which I type into.

What is the perfect format, and which privileges should I owned in Lotus?

Thank you!