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Thread: [SOLVED] Migration from Exchange 2007 to Zimbra problem

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    Default [SOLVED] Migration from Exchange 2007 to Zimbra problem

    Hi guys, we're trying to migrate from exchange server 2007 to zimbra 5.0.16 NW edition on cluster with RHEL 5.3 well, i do can connect to both severs and run the wizard until the migration process start, i got an error nothing is migrated but i got this on my log:

    26-06-2009 12:16:02 [2552]: RPC Error:- WinHttpSendRequest failed. The RPC request is logged as C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\CONFIG~1\Temp\ZC***changeMigr ationWizard-5.0.16_GA_2921\2-RPCErrorRequest.xml
    26-06-2009 12:16:02 [2552]: Deleting mapi folder list
    26-06-2009 12:16:02 [2552]: RPC Error: Unable to connect.
    26-06-2009 12:16:02 [2552]: Waiting for work
    26-06-2009 12:16:02 [2552]: Worker thread exiting

    i'm not sure where i cannot connect, i tried to add to my hosts to hosts file on the windows machine where i'm doing the migration, but nothing happened? any idea? i attached the whole log, thanks any help guys,

    I forgot i'm using the exchange migration wizard version 5.0.16

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    Wel i got solved in a very easy way, on windows machine you should add on your hosts file two records:

    1. for you ad server (it's prefered to use the domain name for this, in ad infraestructures almost always the domain has a A record to AD server.

    2. for your zimbra server

    Try to do a ping to both servers by their hostnames, it sould be working,
    |>Z - Sync S.A.

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